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Seven Ways to Sharpen Your Social

Seven Ways to Sharpen Your Social

May 8, 2014

You always want to be startin sharpening something. Whether you’re sharpening your lyrics to the next Thriller album or sharpening your mind with some books, your social needs to be sharp to drive targeted traffic to your brand. Here are seven ways to sharpen your social, Michael Jackson tunes required:


1. Systemize

Tools and technology improve modern society. But only…and only when you learn to systemize. Choose your marketing tools with purpose. When you choose with purpose, then you can build systems around it. Systems help you become more creative. And it may seem paradoxical, but creative limitations are not limiting.

First define what it is you need to accomplish. Then…and only then…find your tools. So many people start using tools and technology because…they can. Or they think they need it. Or because everyone is using it.

When you systemize your social, and create a winning content strategy, you learn how to share without being a hot mess.

Use buffer to systemize your social media posts. Combine it with Sprout Social’s data and analytics to deliver results. They have a killer new feature that tells you which hashtags, topics and people are trending around your Twitter profile. Why would you need this? When you notice which of your hashtags gain traction, you can identify timely opportunities that align with your brand.



Please don’t be “that guy” endlessly promoting yourself. If you’re not sure what “that guy” means, then it might be you. Don’t be sorry. Simplify.  The thing with social is that you can effectively do less marketing when you have a smart media strategy. This happens when you create content with context to grow your business.

When you simplify, you free up time. And you stop worrying about “marketing” or “selling” your services. You’re just being you. Simplified. And that’s always a sharp look.

3. Insource

Insourcing is the opposite of outsourcing and it allows your employees to freely express themselves. This can only happen when you cut to the core of your brand, and focus on your company culture. Once you’ve nailed your culture, you’ll want to create content to amplify your message. Content that’s focused on company culture builds trust with both your employees – and your customers.

4. Focus on culture

Zappos created a strong culture by standing behind their 10 core values.  Their culture became the company’s pipeline. Boom! Just like that.

Your culture is your company’s DNA. And you must expose it to the world. One of the best, most efficient ways to do this is to empower your employees to create content. If they’re swamped on time, and you hire a content marketing agency, your employees can at least get ideas. Ideas are the inspiration behind your creative content strategy.

5. Build a tribe

Social media is not just a new channel. It’s a new perspective. And the view from this new perspective is beautiful.


As I describe in this social. media presentation, this new perspective is about building relationships and creating communities that cultivate human connection. Creating quality content is one way to cultivate human connection. And human connection is what helps to build a tribe.

6. Create art

Even crazy art. Especially crazy art. It unleashes creativity. And creativity fuels genius. C’mon, tell me how much joy (or horror) you experience when you look at splattered paint everywhere for no good reason other than…it’s art!

Think of your content as carefully curated works of art. You can later use it as part of your social strategy. Or just use it to find your voice.

7. Find your voice

When you find your voice, you set yourself apart from the noise of social. It’s not about what you say. But it’s the stories that you tell – and in how you say it. For example, I’ve been subscribing to the Lefsetz letter since I worked in satellite radio. He was “the voice” of radio – just via the written words on the web. When he wrote, we read. It’s his form. His stories. And it’s the context that he creates that sets him apart.

Think about your favorite blog or website that you read. Chances are, you don’t read it just for the information. You read because you’re entertained…and inspired. And because the writer has a voice.

Find your voice by belting out some Human Nature. When you focus your business around art and authenticity, you’ll make more sales and make a bigger impact. Learn more by setting up a mentoring session with me here.