Social Media Marketing

A monthly retainer package for Creative Visionaries and Online Brands to conceptualize, create and distribute their social media content.

  • Conceptualize, create, and distribute content that amplifies your message.
  • Instantly gain the trust of potential buyers through partners sharing your content with their audience.
  • Say adios to the “weekly scramble”: the moment when you realize you don’t have content and you scramble to throw stuff together
  • Get comprehensive coverage through all channels: social media, podcasts, blogs, YouTube, email newsletters, webinars

If you’ve been doing inbound lead generation and haven’t yet stood out from the crowd, this package is for you. AMPLIFY gets your brand visible amidst the competition.

Imagine reaching more people with your ideas while spending less time marketing your business.
Imagine more targeted readers on your website while making more money down the line.
Imagine slowly building a huge, profitable brand that drives hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue in an authentic, fun way.
Hi. My name is Jessica Ann, the CEO + Creative Director of Jessica Ann Media {JAM}. I’m a former journalist turned professional writer and business owner. But for the first few years of running my business, I struggled with who I was and why I was even in business.
And then something powerful happened: I started to realize that the content that I was creating was slowly building my business. How did I do it? I learned how to use the magic of blogging and social media to do “content marketing.” This little thing called “content marketing” has helped me to build a powerful blog, get paid to write on high-profile websites, and bring in an audience of over 100,000 readers.
It has changed my life. It gave me a voice when I felt isolated. It’s grown my confidence and my business into a six-figure agency. It’s connected me with amazing humans all over the globe. And it’s shown me that magic can happen when you show up as your true, (sometimes) messy, glorious self.
Not only did I bring in tons of new business through my website, but I’ve helped my awesome clients bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and build huge audiences (One of my early success stories is my client Jimmy, who went from an audience of 0 to 20,000 users for his app in only 4 months). Since Jimmy, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who went from not knowing what to post online to bringing in consistent revenue through their content.
Your audience is craving timely, useful, and engaging information. Content marketing is Human Content. It’s real, relevant, and inspiring information that helps your business to grow, brings in money, and allows your website to endlessly be exposed to new audiences.
I’ve learned many lessons over the years and I’ve compiled everything I know into my AMPLIFY program focused on amplifying your message to not only reach new customers – but to connect with them in a human way.

The world doesn’t need more clichés written for robots.

  • It doesn’t need more people placating to the uninspired ideas of their bosses.
  • It needs Art with a capital A. It needs Inspiration. And it needs to communicate the essence of the change you make.
  • how you position your business comes down to the content that you create and share.

Meet, Amplify Your Message,

A “no pitch” inbound lead generation approach ​​to attract your target audience to your brand’s website.

  • Publish relevant content that leads to interest or investments for your company.
  • A monthly retainer package designed to educate and inform potential customers about your business.
  • Learn how to create regular social media posts that lead to interest or investments for your company.

AMPLIFY is high-level marketing strategy mixed with creative tactics that tell the world about your business.

  • improve your stature as an authoritative industry voice
  • create messaging on social media that’s human and accessible – and brings in business
  • reach your target audience with valuable, informative content to turn them into customers and keep them interested
  • Win the respect of your industry peers
  • Get people sharing unique insights about your business


Dan Melwani, Founder, Rawspace

Jessica’s agency helped my Facebook audience grow to over 17,000, which helped my business gain credibility and trust – and brought in one of my highest paying clients ever! Jessica’s ability to scale content to get a return on investment is unrivaled.

Carlo Brovero, Founder, StorEnTech

Jessica’s agency helped my company to bring in over $6 million in investments. She is one of the most visionary marketers I’ve ever worked with and I’m so grateful for her support!

Todd Werginz, Aeon Analytics

Jessica is a true visionary when it comes to the “big picture” of branding and the human element. Through our work together, I was able to clarify my message and bring in targeted customers. Investing in her agency has been the biggest asset for my business and cannot recommend JAM enough!
  • 2 monthly 1-hour Strategy calls SO THAT you have personalized support from me that takes your content to the next level
  • Content audit of your website to collect the facts
  • Personalized editorial content to brainstorm ideas and to stay on top of industry news
  • 1 unique thought leadership article per month
  • Guidance and execution on everything from the creative and ideation process to distribution on 2 – 4 social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) as the main channels
  • Organization, distribution and amplification of articles and social media content, along with guidance for editorial direction/visuals.
  • Identify conversion opportunities
  • Monthly reporting to make sure we’re getting results
Jessica is a world-class creative who has pioneered new content initiatives at top brands like Bitcoin, Sirius XM Radio, Google, Adobe, and Getty Images. She has a strong understanding of the nuances of metadata, knowledge of tech stacks inside the crypto domain, SEO, content categorization and structure, content development, distribution, and measurement.
Data-driven content marketer passionate about demand gen and implementing comprehensive content plans to help drive brand awareness.

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