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The 5 Best Ways to Follow Hurricane Sandy

The 5 Best Ways to Follow Hurricane Sandy

October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy (aka Frankenstorm) is fast approaching the East coast. Technology needs to be used in the best possible way during emergency disasters. If your interwebs remain intact, here are a few ways to watch Hurricane Sandy unfold (other than watching the local weather people get blown away):


Google Crisis Map has the best updated information, including active emergency shelters and webcams.

2. View from above

Watch the hurricane from the 51st floor of The New York Times building.

3. Sandyfeed.com

Sandyfeed.com posts texts messages from areas being hit by Sandy.

4. #instacane 

#instacane is the story of Hurricane Sandy told through instagram.

5. Twitter Search

The best place to tweet sardonically about Sandy until the flood gates open.

still reading? here are some other hurricane tips:

1. Keep emergency numbers on hand (not just in your cell phone) in case batteries die. In Jersey? The number to call is 1-800-JERSEY-7

2. Make sure you use the word “hunker down” as much as possible.

3. Top off your instapaper with stuff from around the web in case the interwebs go out.

4. Stock up on wine and/or vodka. Priorities, people.

5. If all else fails, you can always video bomb weather reporters, ‘gangnam style.” (i kid, i kid).

What are some ways that you’re following and/or riding out the storm? Please comment below.

And of course, please be safe! 

hunkering down with @karmathedoxie and a print (gasp!) version of The Atlantic