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The Fight of the Photo Filters

The Fight of the Photo Filters

December 13, 2012

Instagram does photo filtering best. They’re the . And they’re proof that the best products start out as features. But did they really have to remove access to Twitter to prove it?

After all, the ability to cross-post content is one of the many reasons for Instagram’s appeal. 

Instagram is simply responding to Twitter’s  “software update.”  Which is a direct swipe at Instagram. How so? Take a look at “what’s new” in the screenshot below:

Photo filters on Twitter? Apparently two can play that game. But if it’s about the numbers, Instagram has the lead. They just released a new filter, bringing their total number of filters to eighteen. Twitter only has eight.

But the fight isn’t about the numbers. It’s about distribution and reach. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom explained at LeWeb that he wants eyeballs on Instagram’s site rather than on Twitter’s. Makes sense. But what do the users have to say about it?

I love taking photos on Instagram and sharing on Facebook and Twitter. And I’m bummed that it’s becoming a lot harder to share. I managed to find a workaround to share Instagram photos on Twitter, such as this IFTT recipe.

But I’d prefer not to go to crazy lengths to distribute content. I barely have enough time to cook up food recipes. Let alone digital ones.

From the business perspective: Does Instagram have their head in the clouds? Or is it necessary for them to remove Twitter access to stay competitive? 

From the personal perspective: Is the addition of Twitter’s photo filters going to change how you share photos? Please comment below.