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Tina Bock on teaching yoga

Tina Bock on teaching yoga

July 8, 2015

Welcome to another episode of the Art of Humanity, where we explore creativity + consciousness to allow you and your business to evolve. In Episode 14, Jessica Ann talks with international yoga instructor Tina Bock.

From a young age, Tina has always found an importance of connecting the physical body with the mental body. As her mother always likes to say, “she was doing backflips in the womb before she was born.” Tina was first introduced to yoga as a teen, by her father in a headstand on the living room floor. While studying Music Industry at Ramapo College of New Jersey, Tina found yoga as a compliment to her dancing. After studying and practicing daily with some of New Jersey’s most recognized yoga teachers, she soon became completely dedicated to the practice and lifestyle of yoga.

Instructing children at world renowned My Gym Children’s Fitness Center was Tina’s first love and most important kick-start to her yoga teaching. After four years teaching children, Tina decided to venture to India to pursue her 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certificate from Trimurti Yoga. In the motherland, she trained in traditional Ashtanga yoga under Swami Veet Jayo, Karolina Sharma, and Acharya Yogesh. Immediately after she began teaching in some of New Jersey’s top yoga studios, various gyms, and preschools.

Tina is passionate about travel and yoga, and recently completed one month and the K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, on her Third trip to India. She will continue to study at KPJAYI and in the motherland for years to come.

She and her husband have now relocated to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, while Tina continues to share her love for yoga on the other side of the world. She is teaching at Abu Dhabi’s first hot yoga studio, The Hot House, New York University in Abu Dhabi, and running workshops frequently in Dubai. Tina will also be leading a Teacher Training in Nicaragua in the fall. For more info on this, head to www.bodhiyogaacademy.com.

In this episode, Tina and Jessica discuss:

  • New Jersey (holla)
  • What it’s like to teach yoga in Abu Dhabi
  • Teacher training in India
  • Why the modernization of yoga in the West is a good thing
  • The characteristics of a strong yoga practice

You can find Tina on instagram: @tinabock.

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