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What The Boss and Advertising Have In Common

What The Boss and Advertising Have In Common

January 14, 2013

Advertising is changing. But that doesn’t mean the glory days are over. They’re happening now. Because content is fusing with ads in a way that’s never before happened in the digital world.

We’re seeing this with a relatively new concept called:

Native advertising.

This term is getting harder to ignore.

Native advertising is more cost-effective than traditional advertising. According to Digiday, “they’re a natural addition to the respective content, unobtrusive and informative. It’s sponsored content where you expect content to be. And with rich data powering them, native ads can be targeted to be highly relevant.”

Photo by Jonas Lee on Unsplash

Native advertising is taking off because it’s content that’s mindfully crafted for consumers. It’s branded content that integrates an “info-message” into a website’s news feed. But to be effective, the content needs to seamlessly engage with customers in a natural way. This is done by offering quality and value. It also needs to tell a great story by being creative and highly relevant.

Native advertising is about evolving with the times. And evolving our perceptions to fit the future. Often this means admitting a change of heart. And knowing that we are alive today for a reason.

The Boss evolves with the times. He knows when to hold on. And when to let go.

Hold on to nostalgia only if it propels you forward.

We need to embrace the future. Because our glory days are yet to come.