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Why Content Strategy is the Taylor Swift of Marketing

Why Content Strategy is the Taylor Swift of Marketing

June 21, 2012

Content strategy isn’t just for die-hard communications fans. It’s the guiding light to achieve celebrity status. But not just any celebrity. While Snooky from the Jersey Shore is fun, being a train wreck isn’t an ideal marketing strategy (for most). A content marketing strategy needs to be thorough and well-executed. You know, like MTV’s The Jersey Shore (I kid, I kid). In all somewhat seriousness, we should strive be more more like Taylor Swift. She’s the “It Girl” of content marketing.

Here are a few things that Taylor Swift does that makes her content strategy successful:

1. Be Strategic

Don’t just wing it. Be the one with the master plan. Focus on the type of content that’s needed, target your audience, and put it in writing. Strategic communications is fun when you get it right.

2. Churn it Out

Don’t be a one hit wonder. After deciding on the direction you want to go, start churning it out. Taylor Swift clearly knows how to do so. She’s already working on her 4th album.

3. Get your message heard.

Don’t just sit there after you write something awesome – get your message heard. Taylor Swift writes her own songs. But after recording and producing, she finds a way to deliver her message in a way that resonates with her fans.

4. Have something interesting to say

Chirping crickets may be a relaxing sound – but they aren’t your friends. Add something of value to help your customers. Say something meaningful that benefits your industry. Whether that means posting a question on a blog or photos on instagram, create content that’s interesting or at least silly. Everyone can be silly once in awhile.

5. Collaborate with others

note to self: avoid a duet with this man

Can’t always think of something interesting to say? Collaborate with others who do. Taylor frequently invites other singers to join her for one-off duets during her tour. While you may not be belting out your blog posts to the tune of Sinatra, other voices on your blog certainly can’t hurt (Unless it’s William Hung…remember him?).

6. Build a community

You’ll need people on your team. Learn who the influencers are in your industry. Start establishing relationships. It’s important to build a community of people who will be by your side.

7. Engage with Your Audience

It takes one glance at Taylor’s Twitter feed to realize she’s doing something right. She doesn’t only post updates when she’s in promotion-mode. She tweets before and during an album release or tour. She shares her struggles, inspirations, and daily thoughts. She’s real and finds a way to connect with her fans regularly.

How do you use content marketing to achieve a following?