about us

Outgoing Travel is a company that provides articles, educational, cultural and sport programs for all audiences, and seeks to become the bridge between different cultures and make New York, accessible for those who want to live the experience of meeting target "capital of the world."

Led by a couple of Chilean Jorge Alarcón and Veronica Araya, Outgoing Travel is the second company that creates it, after 20 years of residence in the United States, founded in 2002 after "First Class", a company dedicated to land transport senior executives in the area of New York, New Jersey and surrounding areas.

Jorge worked since his arrival in 1992 and before joining these companies in the hospitality and culinary category, which allowed him to acquire the necessary knowledge and build strategic relationships that are now essential for visitors to New York can enjoy your stay, oriented for Chile with U.S. citizenship, who knows the "city that never sleeps" to perfection.


"When I came to New York in 1992, had a dream to stay and live in the most amazing city in the world, work, learn about their culture and raise a family. I got it, but now I want to achieve another goal: to fulfill the dream of those who want to know New York, personally showing all its wonders and directing them to take advantage of your stay in this great city. " (Jorge Alarcon, co-founder of Outgoing Travel)