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How Writing Impacts Our Future

How Writing Impacts Our Future

May 17, 2017

Sunshine and palm trees make life beautiful yet meaningless, and I’m trying to punch through the endless perfection without a map. Technology may be the tool that shows off our image. But writing is the path to Truth. Writing is through stories and art. We’re on the edge of a huge shift in consciousness and we must create the new world in which to live. One way to do so is to use writing. Here’s why:

1. Writing allows you to create your future

You can skyrocket your brand to your definition of success, which helps others create the new world in which to live. Writing is the way to make sense of the in-between worlds. And what I’m finding is that my definition of success changes when situations change.

But here’s the thing: Time is not linear and success is not either.

The new world that we’re co-creating means that we need to speak our Truth, embody passion, and exist on love. This paradigm is not about logic and reason because it’s a world bigger than our mind-based egos. It’s a world that’s filled with the beauty and magic that becomes possible when we live in the experience of the heart through awareness, intuition, and empathy.

2. Writing amplifies identity

Corporate storytelling (through writing) is the vehicle to a strong identity. But culture (or lack of a culture) can kill a great content program because of the need to sound formal and/or corporate (oh, the irony). But when you write in a way that amplifies your identity, you catapult your brand or business into the spotlight. But don’t do it with cliches unless you want your brand to fade into the background noise along with the crickets and squirrels and all other animals that symbolize meaninglessness.

Not dogs. They’re the meaning of life!

{here’s a photo of my dog enjoying the beach}

Write to deliver value that comes from your heart so that you can establish credibility, gain trust, and have fun along the way.

3. Writing gives rise to the Botniks 

The what?! Botniks is a term coined by my friend and colleague Jeff Pulver:

“Botniks are creative, artistic, and rebellious, just like the Beat Generation of the mid-20th Century, who made an enormous contribution to the arts, the feelings, and passions of a generation. The Beats wore the somewhat-stereotyped label, Beatnik,with pride.

The Beat Generation was a group of writers interested in changing consciousness and defying conventional writing. They used writing for self-expression and may have had a reputation as bohemian hedonists. But they celebrated non-conformity and spontaneous creativity.

And that’s just the thing!

When we write purely for creativity, we elevate the human consciousness and give rise to a new paradigm where serendipity and content collide. Writers and artists are creating a new world where we can deliver new ways of thinking that are far from the status quo.

Meaning and purpose allow us to embody a more conscious existence that brings introspection and imagination into our work, which eventually will illuminate the path to our own success.